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Oh Edna, /. you are wetter; . than ever!! _/'m.cuvnming11m^PFFF^Sr You were fantastic as V always )'Reallyj ^that was it? You didn't even Jast S minutes!Spon't blame me'7f your pussy wasn't so Wot I would last/ v few Minutes \ more...W^S wee quickie.\ hehe .r Trme to get back to work..Close the

1/hat l saw^A 'at the, Simpson's house made me so\ It's sick! >.... But he stuffed his entire cock in Marge's ass.../What woula\. ' it feel like to be fucked by a cock \ like that? ' Mhhh... \ It would be a delight...ychuckle) fODOS WS PERSONAJES FICTICIOS EN ESTE COMIC SON MAPORES DE 18

What am I thinking? My(duty is to look aftei the welfare of my kids, not imagine fucking them!have to talk to Bart... But how do I getthe truth without him knowing I was spyingA visit to find out why he's missed so much would be the perfect excuse...'', 1 *I'll go now!T>But first I'll change

In the meantime... my ass!! You're breaking my ass!!^thick!AHHH!//Bart's dick'is thicker l know!... than this. But he fucked like a god, not like this.AHHH!!Shut up or:he whole neighborhood will hear you.Look who's talking. We're both whores dear...V]1I don't know how you can let him fuck you.,

This will take4some time, son.if you want you an fuck me while, you wait..."d love to, but you squeezei every last drop of jizz out of me.I need time to echarge...V///4c^.That's okay.But you'd better rest-because it's been a few hours and you know I Kcan't go long without*chucklef901 ou...'Just a

1.//Don't put it >} all in!!~Y\( to recharge9 7 /^ quickly... s I'm the* "luckiest guy in \in the world.. J y^fwouldn^heheke (want to dis- [appoint Mrs V FlandersKnock!Knock!Teacher! ( hy are you _here? /-V Uh... N Who the heck v is that? ,/AMKnock?Knock!,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without

I just want to talk to you,Ouch!!'I asked you not to put itall in!!What the hell was that!?Sonofabitch!This isn't good. If Maude decides t scream right now we're going to be discovered....I have to get her away from here , before she suspects isomething....YiWhat's that?I didn't Wear

^ft's been soN long since Iclimbed one of these... Up! I'll be right behind you..jj/That was good^kexercise. I think I'm igetting too old for Ik for this stuff... jtlafcx*-P*; EICTICIOS EH ESTE COMIC SON MAXORES DE 10 AHOSrreonm1 ( lf / / 1/, I 1 1 J(\ I V 1L \ ] ^ / // / ]-,simpsons

JrYouthfuf?4 might believe \that if it wasn't \you saying itJ >hahahaHow can you say that?I do not lie!^VVvWhat does that mean?.r You're not ^ exactly the most honest person \ I know...yProve i rTell me whyytyou've missed 1 so much I vschool lately. Astayed?home because3 my mom has been sick and

/\ 1After dad goes towork, I take her temperature every morning...Jo,I give her, her medicine...o-In short, everything she needs for a speedy recovery...rAnd that is why I've missed so much school... heheheYes, yes of course... lO&/X1VnESfE COMIC SONMA/ORESDE 18 ANOS,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics

 Since I <don't believe cr single word of that, I'll have to get the truth \ from herr No! VJait, she isn't home!11*what the 4 hell is wrong with uou!? You almost ^killed meU/"Sorry,didn't mean toI stumbled, (mmm titsYf Can...f jy '\ IVv ^ v v V\Y\yj( 3et"' \,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics

521 That'S the biggest cock. I've had between vng legs in mg entire 4 life! L~ Senonta ^ Krabappel, What are gouI looking at? I see... ^ ' nothing! ' /'m Kvot looking vat anything...hehehe A-y Because if "/something caught' your attention, /'^ gladly show you \^anything you

simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without translation,porn comics,Bart Simpson,Marge Simpson,Edna Krabappel

But youshould know, if I'm not satisfied, you will have to repeat this year...(I really hope that you know how to use that monster between your legs...Because I'm sick and tired ofmediocre sex.../!No pressure but I really hope' you give me the best fuck of my life...VIpromise.I'll do the best I

Okay... iHow do you wantto start?Wow teacWer, you Wave an amazing body! IApparently you already ' Wave a plan...lWeWe Mmmm...I like a guy witW initiative... O..Umm..mmWW'IOWW...1 Hmm... RigWt tWere dear...(c7"7o. 15fODOS WSPERSONAJESrICfICIOS EN ESTE COMIC SOM MAyORES^DE"l8%MOSm,simpsons

Ahhh!!You'redoinggreat!!Work that tongue...f Oh yeah... Fuck me with i with your i 1^ tongue... MHmmmMmhhmAAHHHA HHH.. Don't stop!!JThis is how\-r you should > treat my pussy ' Seymour.^ You're a > \ moron! MvnhhfODOS EOS PERSONAJES FICTICIOS EN ESfE COMIC SON MAPORES DE 18^N0S,simpsons

Let me guess.. rP you want your olaNteacher to give you one ^ of Ker special Z \ blowiobs?7 Actualltjj you just read my mind..._ hehe Z'wonder if you could., Hemm...I waswondering Wow ^ tong it would take, you to ask me... j \ (cWuckte) >Z \\ Oh Marge... I'm green with envy that you get to taste

MkwmW I'll say it\' again.../'m the luckiest guy in the ^ world! r' V hehehe /HwmmOhoo...That'sgoodsucking! Luckily l regained my strength, just in time or T would have missed this..-^,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without translation,porn comics,Bart Simpson,Marge Simpson,Edna Krabappel

You taste sogood, it's enough to make me hot...My pussy cries ,v out to be r\ fucked...assure you"\ /chat won't happen^ m going to fuck you i like you've never J Ev been fucked A before. hehe /Rember our deal...Do notdisappoint _ me...Here I go..Fuck me now!AAHHHH ITS SO THICK!! I LOVE ITUPush it

JThis is just what I needed!!, don't cuvn uet! 1wscsRhkoYYou'reL so 1> p ~:mYlwet! ,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without translation,porn comics,Bart Simpson,Marge Simpson,Edna Krabappel

Let me\ turn over...I want you to suck my tits! 1/' ready\ lover. Now \ fuck me and. suck my tits at \at the same / \ time... _S* WWW yes! \ Bury it to tWe bottom... J&fODOS WS PERSONAJES eicticios en este comic son mapores de 18^nos<> 1jM1 COML.,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without

1' _enjoying this very Muck!!.But you c/m't cum inside me) Whatr4 But that's the best part'We botnx know that there's a saferHwmwr You Meanr Uh limmVJhat the hell!... Why not!fODOS WS PERSONALS FICTICIOS EN ESf E COMIC SON MAPORES DE l8^ftOS,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without translation,porn

W Wait Bart, t I'm not so sure...1 I decided long ago that nobody gets .me like this, and, \ you're so big... Af Be quiet, Just relax...I promise you will enjoy it. m. hehe /^A HI ( OH MY OOP!!I told you i J\S LOWLY! !LmSLOWLY.V1,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without translation,porn

'it wouu. . - hurt more\//( if I did itslowly.behehev !!! You're tearingme in two!!I've heard that a lot lately, heheheIt hurts!!But Imust admit that having a dick in my ass after so long, it's invigorating.(chuckle)'IIJYou can 'start fucking your teacher's\ ass uounq man.I rebb73,simpsons

The wacj^\^ you're making me eel makes you myM star .^^^/ that I'm [starting to , Vove school*I'm going to cuummm!! AAAAHHU* Me too} AAARGHUm:$RmofODOS UOS PERSONAJES EICTICIOS EH EStE COMIC SON MAPORES DE 18 AHOS,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without translation,porn comics,Bart Simpson,Marge

> It's draining me complete!AAAHHHH It keeps kcoming.f pm.. We should do this every day of class... AOhh... So hot.. So good I really needed thatfODOS WS PERSONAJES FICTICIOS EN ESTE COMIC SON MAPORES DE 18 ANOS,simpsons porn,r34,,porn comics without translation,porn comics,Bart Simpson,Marge

Let's just ' say you'll ' f have an nA" [every time you kfuck: me thatjI need one in math,,, WeWeWeSo, how was l?But Iprefer oral exams... Hmmm(chuckle)r Qo, go...I knew that Bart had a good reason to miss school... WB^L 1 ' (s' \ r~s^~x-7 l could qive you/ / ' Lsome extra 1w YV" 7 / j-L

, There's no 'school tomorrow/' and I was wondering if I could invite Bart pver to spend the/ night and plagvideo games.3'I 28\My friend... You and I have a lot to talk about next time we meet...heheheSweetie,'stop playing withthat and hurry up. \Lunch is readu... JOkay mom} I'm coming...S:Sure I


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