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THe Job Interview Part iIts got to be around here someplace, Lyren thought as she rounded the corner again. Looking down at her phone, she re-read the email for what felt like the millionth time.Miss Lyren, your futanari status pre-selects you for a special job offer with a variety of benefits. If

THe Job Interview Part 2Are you the one who emailed me? Lyren asked with a measure of trepidation. Is this the interview?Maybe, came the slow reply while another person (also female, judging from the voice) stifled a giggle.Please... can you help me? Lyren asked, attempting to keep the annoyance
Distress on the express Part iPlease step away from the doors, this train is departing," blared the automated message as the subway car began accelerating.Lyren frantically looked around and grabbed the metal handle above just as the train lurched into motion. In front of her, a young, beautiful
Distress on the express Part 2Lyren stifled a yelp as delicate fingers gripped the sizeable girth of her cock.Looking down in surprise, she saw the purple-haired beauty, Lutci, squeezing her shaft with an amused expression on her face. After a moment, she folded the newspaper by her side and looked
Full Upright Position Part liiThe in-flight movie had just ended, and as the flight attendants returned to their quarters, most passengers took this opportunity to catch a nap. After all, the flight still had a good three hours before arrival. One passenger, however, was not even remotely
Pull Upright Position Part 2<While Lyren was not especially shy about her sexuality, she had never before dared anything like this. At any moment, someone might wake up and see her caressing her gigantic horsecock in plain sight. The thought was terrifying, but it also thrilled her in a way she had

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