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My dad's talking about r^^H your rent if you keeppartying so_____loud. / / iI'm getting a f little sick of having to come over here. Can you just... ALater, at his apartmentAnd can you at least turn down yourTV while I'm talking? Seriously, have you no shaaaAAAAA Y~\what's\ happening' )l to my

Naw mah fault! Naw mah faulb!r In fact, you don't remember anything of me from before.Yes master.You wake up.How...How can I... ^T*choke*How can I service you \moster?Oh! wow I didn't see you: Is there something... you'd like to say?Well... >=3It's uh, rude to talk with, i your mouth full. /Ahem,

.Master where did the red dot go?1 ,} / Jw\ 1\w'/ )JJJ ^,Bendzz,yiff Bendzz,transfur,mind control,yiff with human,yiff,,yiff comics,transformation

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